Air Freight

Air freight is the epitome of efficient cargo transportation by air. At Geedlaal Group, we bring the world closer to the Netherlands with our air freight services, connecting you to global destinations. We value speed, reliability, and an extensive global network. It’s all about delivering your goods promptly, especially when time is of the essence.

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to your cargo; we handle everything with precision. Our services are tailored to ensure your goods are treated with the utmost care and security. And guess what? We’ve got the paperwork covered too, including customs clearance. No need to break a sweat – we make the entire process smooth and hassle-free.

Secure Air Cargo in Netherlands
Shipping Company in Netherland

Land Freight

When it comes to conquering the roads and ensuring easy cargo distribution in the Netherlands and its neighbouring regions, Geedlaal Group takes the wheel. We’ve honed our land freight and road transport services to become the cornerstone of domestic and regional logistics.

We evaluate your cargo’s size, weight, and delivery timeline with surgical precision. This evaluation forms the foundation for our efficient land transportation strategy. It’s not just about moving goods; it’s about optimizing every step of the journey.

Our offerings are as diverse as the landscapes we cover. We handle everything from FCL & LCL containers to FTL & LTL movements, heavy truck transport, local pickups and deliveries, meticulous transport coordination, and smooth door-to-door delivery.

SEA Freight

Sea freight involves the transportation of cargo by sea, typically in containers. Geedlaal Group’s sea freight services connect the Netherlands to major ports worldwide, offering cost-effective solutions for large shipments.

Flexibility is our middle name – whether it’s Full Container Load (FCL) or Less-than-Container Load (LCL) shipping, we’ve got you covered. Our sailing options are as adaptable as they come, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination reliably and on time. We’re all about safety and efficiency during the journey, and our experienced team takes care of all the paperwork, ensuring flawless customs clearance and compliance with international regulations.

At Geedlaal Group’s sea freight services, your cargo finds its global voyage effortlessly.

Secure Air Cargo in Netherlands
Secure Air Cargo in Netherlands

Customs Clearance

Our customs clearance services are designed with efficiency in mind. We’re not just paperwork experts; we’re the bridge that minimizes delays. Our team is a well-oiled machine, well-versed in customs laws and processes, ensuring swift and hassle-free processing. We handle all the essential documentation, from bills of lading to commercial invoices and packing lists, ensuring compliance while relieving you of administrative burdens.

Our customs clearance services are your doorway to stress-free international shipping. With us, your cargo doesn’t just cross borders; it breezes through customs with ease.

General Warehousing

General warehousing involves the secure storage and management of goods in dedicated facilities. Geedlaal Group’s warehousing services ensure the safe and secure storage of products, protecting them from damage and theft.

Our offerings extend to inventory management and order fulfilment, allowing businesses to streamline their supply chains and enhance customer satisfaction. Whether you require short-term or long-term storage solutions, our warehousing services help optimize your storage space, allowing you to focus on core business activities. Your goods are more than just items on shelves; they’re a valuable part of your success story, and we treat them as such.

Shipment Consolidation

Shipment consolidation simplifies the shipping process by combining multiple smaller shipments into one larger shipment. Geedlaal Group’s consolidation services offer cost savings, well-organized shipping, and efficient documentation handling. Consolidation reduces shipping costs by combining shipments, making it an economical choice for businesses.

We handle the organization and packing of shipments, resulting in an efficient shipping process. Our experts manage all necessary shipping documentation, ensuring compliance and reducing administrative burdens.

International Moving

International moving services by Geedlaal Group are personalized to help individuals and families relocate to a new country. Our systematic approach acknowledges that international moving is about more than just transporting goods; it’s about relocating lives.

Our expert team guides the best shipment methods, insurance options, and logistics to ensure a smooth transition. We prioritize efficiency and reliability, backed by our resources and expertise. Starting with a free survey to assess your needs, we ensure your transition to a new country is comfortable and stress-free.

Secure Air Cargo in Netherlands
Secure Air Cargo in Netherlands

Contract Logistics

Contract logistics involves outsourcing a company’s supply chain and logistics operations to a third-party provider. Our contract logistics services are known for customized solutions, end-to-end management, cost efficiency, and reliability. We analyze your specific needs and develop customized solutions to optimize your supply chain for efficiency and reliability.

Our services include the entire supply chain, from procurement to delivery, using the latest technology and processes. Outsourcing logistics to Geedlaal Group can lead to cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved customer satisfaction. 


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