Geedlaal  Group, a successful company built on the experience of its founder. We have been serving for Africa for years. Our focus has always been—and will always be—our clients. What data matters most to them? What would make their jobs easier? How can we help them make informed decisions?

We continue to give our clients the data and tools they need to be successful. From the beginning Our parents were aware of their responsibilities as entrepreneurs towards society and the environment.  have built up their company by imparting to all their employees values such as thoroughness, working with attention to detail and treating customers with respect! He had listened to his customers and their needs. Carefully selected his teams of employees and has tried to prioritise local workers as far as possible. Regularly invested in the modernisation of rolling stock and infrastructure. Relied on technology to increase the efficiency and performance of the services offered.



  1. Mogadishu (Somalia)

2.Breda(the Netherlands )


Today, with 3 branches under the Geedlal Group. We have started to evolve as we are dreaming. Our success is founded on a very simple philosophy: we honour our commitment to all our clients and make a memorable commitment. We want to change people’s lives for the better by providing them opportunities and by creating an environment that drives efficiency and productivity.

Geedlal provides expertise in air freight forwarding, ocean freight forwarding and origin cargo management as well as providing all the general logistics services. Offered services are highly appreciated by the customer for their promptness.

Air freight

International freight forwarding is often a balancing act between time, cost and environmental concerns. That’s one of the reasons why all customers have a tendency to choose Geedlal for cost effective, smooth delivery of their cargo.

Ocean freight

Customers value our international ocean freight forwarding across the country. Our customers know we understand the world from their perspective, and are working to support them and their business. The concept runs through everything we do, from finding the best schedule for shipments to selecting the best way of organizing and providing quality service.They value the ability to link with the other services like air freight, cross border services etc.

Geedlal group has a greater “passion for service” than ever before and employs every person who is interested to be our sister concerns. We welcome you with the best work quality and you can assure complete trust.